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Shabby Chic Stools

Our Shabby Chic Stools Range


The gorgeous Shabby Chic Stools have a wide range that is suitable for everyone! The different styles we have are vintage, farmhouse, french and many more. The Shabby Chic Stools can give your home the finishing touch in any room. You can match the stools with other your Shabby Chic furniture to complete your Shabby Chic look.

Shabby Chic Stools
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A beautifully rustic dressing table stool from our gorgeous Antoinette RangeThis vintage shabby chic style stool has sleek curved legs and a curved edge to the bottomIt also has a neutral coloured cushioned seat which complements the rustic d..
£82.95 Ex Tax: £82.95
A trendy adjustable bar chair with a slight industrial lookThe wooden back support and seat have rustic white distressing on them to add to the aged lookThis stylish bar stool would look beautiful in any kitchen or hallway and add a touch of ..
£78.00 Ex Tax: £78.00
Incredibly stylish Country Farmhouse Range stoolThis item is made from wood and finished in a distressed CreamThis stool matches alot of our ranges and is truly beatiful with ornate detailingThe item is fully assembledMeasures 47cm x ..
£84.95 Ex Tax: £84.95
Beautiful stool from the elegant eton rangeThis wooden stool is finished in a lovely distressed subtle greyComplete with a padded fabric top and ornate detailing this stool is simply stunningWould look gorgeous with a grey dressing table ..
£89.95 Ex Tax: £89.95
French White Range - StoolA beautiful cushioned vintage style dressing table stoolThis gorgeous stool is very padded with gingham style checked in a cream and beige colourIt has beautiful carved ornate legs and is finished in a lovely whi..
£86.95 Ex Tax: £86.95
Lovely grey stool with ornate detailing on the legsMade from wood and finished in mushroom greyThe stool has a beautiful cushioned seat and curved legsWould look lovely with a dressing table or on its ownThe stool measures 46cm x 45cm..
£96.95 Ex Tax: £96.95
Lovely stool complete with beautiful ornate detailingMade from wood with a glass finishThe stool is complete with a padded topWould make the perfect finish to any dressing tableThe stool measures 45cm x 44cm x 31cm ( Height x Width x ..
£162.95 £134.95 Ex Tax: £134.95
Stunning ornate stool complete with beautiful detailingThis item is made from wood and finished in Antique WhiteThe Stool measures 45cm x 49cm ( Height x Width)This stool would look perfect with any dressing table ..
£112.95 Ex Tax: £112.95
Swivel seat which adjusts the heightComplete with foot restThis item is made from solid cast iron and finished in rustic brownSure to be the talking point within the homeThis item measures 66cm at the lowest and 87cms at the highest, ..
£84.95 Ex Tax: £84.95
A simple yet stylish dressing table stool with pretty white painted finishIt has a rustic beige padded top and elegant curved legs and cutout curved edgingThis sophisticated wooden stool would look beautiful either on its own or with a white ..
£49.95 Ex Tax: £49.95