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If you are looking for a Shabby Chic Kitchen or Shabby Chic Dining Accessories then this is the perfect section for you. Take a look at our range which includes Shabby Chic Kitchen shelves and rustic storage units, black boards, egg holders, bread and biscuit storage ideas and lots more!!

This Is Our Shabby Chic Kitchen and Dining Accesories Range.
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  1. Sale Grey Velvet Metal Bar Stool
  2. Sale Silver Mirrored Table - Vienna Collection
  3. Sale Grey Padded Bench - Serene Collection
  4. Sale Large Taupe Three Drawer Console Table - Brooklyn Collection
  5. Sale Windsor - Large Antique Silver Heavily Ornate Mirror 173cm x 87cm
  6. Sale Champagne Ornate Wall Mirror
  7. Sale Silver Swirl Trio Wall Mirror
  8. Sale Grey 'Too Glam To Give A Damn' Wall Plaque
  9. Sale Extra Large Gold Wall Mounted Wings
  10. Sale Pair Of Mirrored Bedside Tables - Versailles Collection
  11. Sale Large Silver Curved Mirrored  Side Table
    Out of stock
  12. Sale Set Of 2 Tall Silver Decorative Mirrors
  13. Sale Large Champagne Round Mirror
  14. Sale Large Silver Wall Mounted Wings
  15. Sale Extra Large Mirrored Wall Clock 120cm
  16. Sale Silver Round Mirrored Plate Tray
  17. Sale Large Gold Framed Mirrored Side Table
  18. Sale Set Of 3 Tall Ripple Silver Wall Mirrors
  19. Sale Large Mirrored Television Stand TV Unit - Chelsea Collection
  20. Sale Extra Large Silver Wall Mounted Wings
  21. Sale Mirrored TV Television Cabinet - Versallies Collection
    Out of stock
  22. Sale Kensington - Extra Extra Large Ornate Silver Mirror
  23. Sale Arched Window Style Mirror
  24. Sale Antique White Mirrored Cupboard with Drawers
  25. Sale Silver Ornate Wall Mirror
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Items 1-100 of 101

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